Screen Sharing Troubleshooting

Screen Sharing Troubleshooting

Important: If you are sharing your screen and see an error message that you have stopped sharing, this may be a connection problem. Сheck your internet connection. If you are sharing a PowerPoint or PDF document, use the Content Library and upload your​​​​ document to share. We will host the file for you and save bandwidth.

If you have a slow connection, read our Knowledge Base article on Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues for connectivity tips.

The Monitor icon is grayed out or cannot be clicked to start sharing

This may be due to security on your computer or network.

  • Home users: check your firewall software and add an exception for Online Meeting. Do not disable your firewall. Your firewall software vendor's support site should have a quick guide on how to manage your firewall permissions.
  • Office or corporate users: ask your IT Department to review your network permissions to share your screen.

I have OSX Catalina and the screen is blank when I try to share

Read our Knowledge Base article on Managing Your Devices On Mac OSX to solve this issue.

When I try to screen share it goes dark and gets stuck.

  1. Check any firewalls.
  2. Restart your browser or the application and try again.

If the above is not successful, try restarting your computer to close any conflicting programs.

Screen Sharing is slow or laggy

This may be due to:

  • A slow internet connection that is not supporting your ability to allow others to view your desktop.
  • Too many programs running on your computer and resources are low.
  • Conflict with other software running at the same time.

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