Online Meeting App For Slack

Online Meeting App For Slack

JabberTel's Online Meeting is a powerful video conferencing, web conferencing, and collaboration tool designed to help teams work better together. Its built-in collaboration tools make it easy for participants to share content for more interactive and productive meetings in real-time. 

Increase productivity and collaboration with Online Meeting for Slack®. This easy-to-use integration empowers users to seamlessly transition from Slack to Online Meeting where they can meet face-to-face, share their screens, and collaborate better together.

  • How to install Online Meeting app for Slack
  • How to use Online Meeting app for Slack

How to install Online Meeting app for Slack

Step 1. Browse for Online Meeting app

From the browser:

  • Open Slack App Directory in a browser and search for Online Meeting

From the Slack Desktop:

  • Browse for the app via Slack Desktop client:
    • Scroll down to the Apps section of the left sidebar on the desktop, click Apps and then select View App Directory
      App Directory
    • Click the plus icon next to Apps in the left sidebar.

If the workspace owner has restricted the apps available for installation, Online Meeting app for Slack is needed to be put into the list of approved apps in order to be available for installation.

  • If you are a Workspace Owner, follow the instructions from this Slack article.
  • If you are a member of Slack workspace:
    • Click the green Request button below the app's icon. 

    • Include a custom message with your request to install the app, if that is requested by workspace Owner.

    • Click Submit request.

Step 2. Install the App

  1. Click Install (if browsing in Slack Desktop) or the Add to Slack button (if browsing in the App Directory) below the app's icon.
  2. Click Add to Slack to proceed.
    Add to Slack
  3. Once installed, you can close the browser and start using Online Meeting in Slack.

How to use Online Meeting app for Slack

Launch meetings via Slack app

  • /meet command will allow user to start a meeting with Online Meeting. User will be prompted to log in first and once a meeting has been started, meeting details will be posted to everyone in the conversation.
  • /meet help: retrieves help information:
    • available commands
    • ways to escalate feedback or questions on the usage of the app.
  • /meet logout: logs out meeting host from Online Meeting account.

Important: only users with valid Online Meeting accounts are authorized to launch meetings via Online Meeting app for Slack.

  • Type /meet in Direct message or in Channels. Click Start a Meeting.
    Start Meeting
  • Enter the Online Meeting credentials

Join online meetings

Slack users can join the meeting in several ways:

  1. Copy/paste meeting URL in the browser.
  2. Manually dial the phone number and PIN from Phone Dial-in section.
  3. Click Join Online Meeting button to open a meeting in a browser.
  4. Click Click to Dial button to a conference bridge.

Meeting details

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