Hosting A Meeting On Your Mobile Device

Hosting A Meeting On Your Mobile Device

Online Meeting Mobile App allows you to start an ad-hoc meeting or a scheduled meeting right from your Mobile Device. To host a meeting on your mobile device, download the Online Meeting app from Google Play Store for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.

Download and log in to your respective mobile app. The iPhone App is shown in the following screenshots:

Start screen

Only Meetings may be started/hosted on the Online Meeting Mobile app. Any scheduled Webinars must be started from PC. Click on Start Meeting.

Start meeting

You can copy your meeting info to send in an IM or click the icon to forward the information. Below your meeting info is an option to Host or to Join a meeting.

When you select Start Meeting, it will open your meeting on your phone.


On the top navigation you have buttons to choose areas of your meeting such as the Attendees or Chat. To the right is the icon to choose audio options:


Click Leave at the upper left to leave or end your meeting.

End Meeting

Important: the ability to Record your meeting, use Meeting Notes, or Chat are not yet available but are coming soon to the new mobile app.

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